Cambions start life indistinguishable from any other humans. Their demonic heritage manifests at first whenever a cambion grows angry; they grow more menacing in an indefinable way and provoke either fear or violence. Some cambions change subtly when in this state: unnatural voices, glowing eyes, darkened faces, and the like.

Special Abilities

Cambions have the following abilities and limitations:

Dark Visage

Cambions who display their anger become more menacing. NPCs may become less hostile out of fear, or more hostile out of fear, depending on circumstances.


Cambions change more overtly when they dabble in dark magics or shed blood (in the metaphorical sense). Each sapient creature killed or Magic-User spell cast adds 1% to a Corruption score kept by the Referee. Reducing Corruption is almost impossible.

After the corrupting event, the Referee will then roll the character’s current Corruption; on a “success”, the cambion will develop one of the following demonic characteristics in the next few days, determined randomly:

d6 rollFirst time resultSubsequent result
1Small horns sprout, which a hood or hat can cover.Horns grow larger and hard to conceal
2Cloven hooves replace toes; shoes will still fit.Feet and legs become distinctly goatlike.
3A short tail grows, easily covered by trousers or short skirt.The tail becomes longer and barbed, requiring robes or long skirts to hide
4Skin acquires an unnatural tinge.Skin changes color to brilliant red, jet black, or some other unnatural hue.
5Irises gain an unnatural color, e.g. red, yellow, silver, or black (player choice).Irises and sclera turn that color; pupils may turn catlike or goatlike.
6A weirder Mutation appears, determined by the Referee.A different but no less weird Mutation occurs.

Note the feature gained on the character’s sheet.

For example, the first time Alaric Demon-spawned fails a Corruption roll, he rolls a 1, and develops small horns. He starts wearing a hat. On the next failure, he rolls a 3, and grows a short tail; baggy trousers, no problem. On the third failure he rolls another 1, and his horns become too large for a normal hat. Any subsequent rolls of 1 have no effect, since his horns have grown as large as they’re likely to.

If Corruption reaches 100% all corrupting events produce a Mutation, ignoring duplicates. Characters who reach this point will have long since become too monstrous to walk among normal humans (or elves).


Cambions who can still blend into human society will attempt to hide their true nature and live like an ordinary human. Those who are exposed, or who cannot hide their curse, live in abandoned sections of a city or on isolated homesteads on the frontier. They typically respond to strangers with caution if not outright hostility, and have little compunction about unleashing their full sorcerous and/or martial might.


According to legend, cambions arise from relations between humans and demons. Initially they resemble humans, but the deeper they delve into their sorcerous and violent birthrights, the more demonic they look.

The child of a cambion will almost certainly become a cambion.

Cambion Characters

Cambions are a “lineage” under the Lineage Rules.

Class Options

Cambions may adopt the Fighter, Magic-User, or Specialist classes.


Cambions have Corruption and Dark Visage traits, as described under Special Abilities above.


Cambions are always Chaotic, and cannot use Divine Magic.