NOMAD Stellar Alliance: The Away Team

Posted: 2024-06-29
Last Modified: 2024-06-29
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WARNING: This is a WORK IN PROGRESS. See the enclosing directory for more about NOMAD Stellar Alliance.

Part of the NOMAD: Stellar Alliance series.


What Is An Away Team?

An Away Team explores unknown planets and civilizations when scans from orbit will not suffice. “Space Exploration” is part of the Alliance Fleet’s full name (Alliance Space Exploration and Peacekeeping Fleet), but the Alliance explores more than space anomalies and solar systems.

Who Is On An Away Team?

The Captain or Executive Officer assigns junior officers or crewmen1 with a broad range of skills. Typically this includes:

Away Team Kit

Generally each away team member receives one communcator, one multi-sensor, and one exo-pistol. Members of specific services receive additional equipment related to their specialty.


Weapons issued depends on the type of mission and the role of each crew member or officer.

All weapons are listed on p. 74 of FTL: Nomad.

Every Alliance-issued weapon has a Secure Weapon (p 75) module that prevents all non-Alliance personnel from using them.

Other Equipment

  1. Holonovellas aside, the senior officers do not beam fly down to an unknown and unexplored planet. They’re too valuable. ↩︎