NOMAD Stellar Alliance: Technology

Posted: 2024-06-29
Last Modified: 2024-06-30
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WARNING: This is a WORK IN PROGRESS. See the enclosing directory for more about NOMAD Stellar Alliance.

Part of the NOMAD: Stellar Alliance series.

Technology of the Stellar Alliance

Technological Age: Early Galactic

The Alliance has entered the full Early Galactic Age. Any technology or device marked as “Early Galactic” is available to Alliance personnel, with very few (mostly security) restrictions.

In addition, the Alliance has developed the following technologies.


Fabricators allow Alliance craftsmen to manufacture bespoke objects or machine parts without recourse to a full factory. Food fabricators can create palatable food from raw foodstuffs.

Rules and additional information will be available shortly.

FTL Telegraph

The FTL Telegraph and a network of FTL routers allows Alliance ships to receive orders while on deep space missions and send responses (or requests for aid).

See “FTL Telegraph” for rules and further information.

Technology of Other Civilizations

Algolian Spacers

Technological Age: Late Interstellar

The Algolian Spacers live almost their entire lives aboard a habitat ship without touching the surface of a planet. They export their air scrubbers and biomatter recyclers to other interplanetary and interstellar fleets including the Alliance.

Rumor has it that their other industry involves low-tech weapons made with high-tech materials – ceramics, plastics, even unique explosives – that do not show up on routine security scans. They keep most of these for the personal use of the Itleixu, Algolian organized crime.

The Dominion of the First

Technological Age: Cosmic

While the “dominion” of The First extends only as far as one of their ships' weapon ranges, the First still possess astounding and sometimes disturbing technologies:

Other reported technologies are too strange to believe.

Draconian Empire

Technological Age: Late Interstellar

What the Draconian Empire lack in science acumen they more than make up for in weapons technology: when Draconian Torpedos explode they produce not only superheated plasma and shrapnel but an as yet unidentified substance that erodes armor and outer hull plating.